English for You – Part 6

English for You
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English for You – Part 6

Lesson 30: Conversation

Lesson 30: Conversation

Anna: Hello! Washington, D.C. sits on the Potomac River. This river is important to the history and culture of the city. Today, I am at an outdoor seafood market near the Potomac River. Some say it is the oldest outdoor seafood market in the United States! I am here to buy seafood. Let’s see what they have!

Anna: Excuse me. Can you help me?

Pete: Sure! What do you need?

Anna: Pete!

Pete: Anna!

Anna: What are you doing here?

Pete: I work here. You know, it’s not easy to be a writer.

Anna: Yeah, I heard that. Sorry.

Pete: But this job is great. I work outside by the river. And I can eat all the free seafood I want!

Anna: That is great, Pete. In fact, I am here to buy some seafood for my dinner party.

Pete: You came to the right place. They have the freshest seafood in town. How much money can you spend?

Anna: I can only spend $50.

Pete: Okay. What do you want?

Anna: First, I want to buy some shrimp.

Pete: Sure thing. Follow me. How much shrimp do you want?

Anna: How much do I need for five people?

Pete: (yells to co-worker) Give her a pound of shrimp!

Anna: Ok, now I want to buy some crabs.

Pete: The crabs here are delicious! They are the best because they come from the nearby Chesapeake Bay! Walk this way.

Pete: How many crabs do you want?

Anna: I want a dozen crabs.

Pete: You should get the larger crabs. They have the most meat.

Anna: Then I want a dozen large crabs, please!

Pete: Is that everything you need?

Anna: Let’s see … I have shrimp and crabs. And a friend is bringing a salad and many ears of corn-on-the-cob.

Pete: Is that all the seafood that you need?

Anna: Yes.

Pete: That’ll be $49.95. Cash or credit?

Anna: Credit, please.

Pete: Anna, you love to eat seafood. Did you grow up on the water?

Anna: No, I didn’t. But I love the water. And I love being on the water.

Pete: You know how to sail?

Anna: Well … this afternoon I am going on a boat.

Pete: You are full of surprises. What kind of boat? Is it a motorboat or a sailboat?

Anna: It’s a special boat, Pete. Well, thanks for your help. See you later!

Pete: See you, Anna! Wow, Anna’s a sailor! Who knew?

Anna: Yes, rivers are important to the history and culture of Washington, D.C. And now I am part of this city’s interesting waterfront culture. Until next time!