Inglês Básico – Parte 1

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Inglês Básico – Parte 1

Aula 2: Conversação

Jonathan: Hey, Pete! Who’s your friend?

Pete: She is Anna. She is new to D.C.

Jonathan: Where are you from?

Anna: I am from a small town.

Jonathan: Well, welcome to D.C.

Anna: Thank you.

Jonathan: I am Jonathan. I am in apartment B4.

Anna: I am in apartment C2. Marsha is my roommate.

Jonathan: I know Marsha. She is nice.

Pete: And I am in Apartment D7. I have to go now.

Anna: Oh!

Pete: Remember to call Marsha at work. Tell her you’re here.

Anna: Right, thanks, Pete. Nice to meet you!

Jonathan: You too, Bye.

Anna: Apartment C2, here I come!